Nice to Meet You

Who I am...

First of all, I'm a believer in Jesus, a mother to two beautiful kids, and a wife to my loving husband. We just celebrated our 9th anniversery and are intending to return to Costa Rica where we originally said yes to each other on the white sandy beach! 

Where I'm from...

I was born and raised in Hungary, where I finished my highschool and photography education in the late 90's. Shortly after I turned 20 years old, I flew to Canada to start a new life; not because I didn't like the one I had before, but because I love adventure and I fell in love with this country the minute I landed. With little to no English knowlage in the beginning, I hustled to make myself better and achieve what I have become today.

Why choose me as your professional photographer...

By this point, it is safe to assume that you have already seen some of my images, and you are interested enough about me to read my bio, so one part of this process is already done. When you choose me to photograph you, I can assure you that we will have fun, without overlooking the reason why you hired me.  You may be nervous at first (because let's face it, the camera is intimidating), however by the time we finish, you will love it! 

I finished photography school back in 1999, and started working at a portrait studio a couple of years later. When I opened my own business in 2007, I promised myself that I will provide the best I can for my clients, by educating myself and bettering my customer service year after year.

I would love to work with you and show you that with my knowladge about studio lighting and human body posture, I can help you pose the way that will be the most flattering. I am not the type of photographer who will let you just pose for yourself; I prefer to give directions and help my clients to feel at ease. Not everyone was born to be a model, and most of us, including me, feel awkward in front of the camera. I promise that I can help you with that. 

I am also a very easy-going person, so when you are choosing the images which you like the most, I can provide you with some feedback and guide you through it, but the final decision is yours. How many images you purchase is always up to you, so be assured that there will be no pressure. Satisfaction guaranteed, so a retake is always an option if you do not like what you see. 

What fuels me...

I strive on making people feel good about themselves. Getting to know you and getting your story out in portrait form is very satisfying! 

I am looking forward to meeting you!